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Cutter-Crushers and Multi-Processors

Sandvik cutter-crushers and multi-processors are designed to cut through steel, timber and reinforced concrete, and break it down into manageable chunks. Normally excavator-mounted, they are used to dismantle stubborn structures in tough primary demolition jobs. With very high shear force and great crushing strength, they can be used with different jaw sets for different applications, including pulverizing. Sandvik cutter-crushers are flexible, reliable, high-performance tools.


Rammer RC-22 rotating cutter crusher

This is suited to our larger scaled machines and has saved valuable time and money for many of our clients. It has been used in the demolition of a six storey unit block, schools, aussie stadium and many factory demolition works.


rammer RC-6 rotating cutter crusher

This is suited to our smaller scale 3 ½ and 5 tonne machines, which are perfect for the large scale internal demolition works or on suspended slab applications for minimum noise/vibration impact.


internal demolition and detailed works

The DARDA HCS 6 Combination Shears are equipped with updated shear and jaw sets and are especially designed for internal demolition works. Hydraulic power driven crushers and splitters for use in noise and vibration sensitive environments.


darda HCS 6 combination shears

- Hydraulic Combination Shears

- Accurately breaks concrete and masonry

- Separates a wide range of materials

- Cuts metal, cables, wood, metal sections, iron rods, etc.

- Capable of many demolition jobs inside buildings

- Performs virtually free of vibration

- Nearly dust and noise free

- Light and easy to handle

- Quick and productive